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The Way of the Sacred Warrior Book $20

Book by Ron Ragel
Ron Ragel presents a challenge to those in the search of a meaningful life, one that has emerged from his own life and experiences.
One such an experience would change his life forever as he experienced an inner clarity about the bondage of human experience and how freedom could be found. This meeting with destiny ignited his search for the meaning of life which brought up many challenges, including a stint in hospital for several weeks, an experience that would take him into totally uncharted territory.
It was an experience of being like a little child all over again as he had also lost significant movement on the right side of his body. He was able to move forward by harnessing the best possible tools he could find.

In the Way of the Sacred Warrior, Ragel introduces the reader to the essential practices that can can lead one to a more effective life of peace, happiness and prosperity.

What makes for a good life or more importantly a meaningful one?

Ragel offers a new and exciting way to look at these questions, one deeply attuned to life as it actually is: a journey, and the best  tools to use to navigate the journey. It offers moving accounts of his own life alongside rich engagements with spiritual giants who have inspired him.