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Inner Sanctum $20

JUST RELEASED! A Musical Journey to Inner Peace

Four beautifully crafted instrumental tracks incorporating nature sounds, soft instrumentation and hypnotic drones.

The tracks were specially created utilising deeply tranquil Alpha and Theta waves, inducing deep relaxation, conducive to reducing stress, relieving anxiety, improving mood, intuition and creativity.

The tracks have been designed to take the listener on a musical journey, transitioning from a busy world into deeper and deeper states of inner peace.
The music can be played either as a calming sonic background or used for deep meditation.

The everyday, busy mind predominantly operates between 13 - 30 cycles per sec in the Beta wave state.

During meditation, the brain drops to between 8-13 cycles per sec in the Alpha wave state.

In advanced states of consciousness, the brain then slows down to between 4 -7 cycles per sec during the Theta wave state, most conducive to the natural healing processes of the mind and body.


Inner Sanctum


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